Saturday Morning

Net Information
Saturday 0900 central Digital Practice net:

All are invited to participate in the Digital Practice net on 60 Meters Ch.-1. Digital platforms that are normally use are VARA Chat, Winlink P2P, and FLDIGI. Some stations may be JS8 Call and Pactor 3/4 capable, please ask if you wish to practice using these modes.

We ask that newer stations to the digital practice check in via voice.

We try to operate in digital modes only to simulate operating in the digital part of the amateur bands were stations must be able to operate in digital only environment. Voice is used to work through any problems stations have when the digital linkup fails.

How the net works:

Radio checks by voice start about 8:45.

At 9:00 AM we switch to VARA Chat HF in Broadcast mode so stations can check in and list their traffic. We then go down the roster so each station that listed traffic can contact the stations they want to send to. Stations then send any .txt, .csv, .jpg files they want to send using VARA Chat HF first.

Stations wanting to send Winlink P2P using Ardop take their turn to linkup and pass their traffic. When finished they use VARA Chat HF Broadcast mode to announce they have completed their comms. We use the same process if stations wish to practice using FLDIGI.

Best practice is to have VARA Chat HF, Winlink P2P Ardop session open, and FLDIGI (with RXid turned on) all open and running at the same time. Please advise the net if you need time to switch between platforms.

Please have all of you software up to date and your traffic ready to send when you check into the net.